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Miracles & Mythologies


The proposal is a Liturgical Research Centre for the myths and miracles regarding the Third Secret of Fatima; the transmission of knowledge concerning the liturgy of its secrets and the enigma. The Liturgical Research Centre is a response to these secrets of Fatima, as well as Lisbon's connectivity into the secrets of the city. Through the account of several sites in Estrela Park, a journey is taken which undergoes different experiences of both surrealism and enlightenment, as one encounters each space. There is a chance for re-establishment between myth and the traditional doctrine of religion in Lisbon. The design intends to achieve this by acting as an initiation into the hidden meanings of the suggested “missing part” of the Third Secret, revealing the truth in the shadows and unfolding the intrigues and polemics which surround it.

Project 06

Project 06

archive of secrets
archive of secrets - atrium
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