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Tadhg’s early interest in graffiti and graphic art led to his study of architecture. Since then he has expanded on the  fundamentals of art and design in practical and professional environments. After his bachelor's degree he spent two years between Cork and Austin, Texas, honing skills relevant to all stages of the architectural process. His Masters project focuses on marginalised communities and the spatial injustices often prevalent in urban design practices. He does this by highlighting the contrasts between these communities and their indigenous neighbours in a graphic, visual format.

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Having completed her undergraduate degree at CCAE in 2017, Alana moved to New York to work in a large scale architectural and construction company located in the heart of Manhattan. During her time in the metropolitan city, she became captivated by the relationship between people and their surrounding environment. She then moved back to Ireland to complete her Masters at CCAE in 2019, where she explored the convoluted meanings of threshold space in greater detail. Being interested in multiple aspects such as ethnography, magical realism poetry and artists like Piranesi and Marcel Duchamp; her work is strongly rooted in drawing links between theoretical discourse and architectural design. She hopes to continue exploring the relationship between research and design in the future.

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After completing her undergraduate degree at CCAE in 2017, Michelle worked in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands before returning to complete the MA programme. She has been involved in many inter-disciplinary projects in Cork, contributing poetry, art and choreography. Drawing links between architecture and the arts is often at the core of her design concepts.Michelle's thesis applies a distilled understanding of surface to the anthropological view of the city as a network of flows. With this, she proposes an alternative use of city skyscape to sustainably strengthen social networks

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Alison Kelly is a 2020 Masters Graduate who grew up in Kinsale of Co. Cork. Alison first attended CCAE in Copley Street in 2014, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. After graduating in 2018, Alison was given the opportunity to work with the Cork City Council as an Intern Architect. Here, she worked on large scale housing schemes, as well as specialised residential projects, before returning to the Nano Nagle to complete her Masters Degree in 2019. While working with the Council, Alison also completed a diploma course in Revit Architecture in order to further expand her skills, considering that Revit is becoming a more prominent requirement in the workplace. Now as a Part 2 Architect, Alison plans to work as a Graduate Architect with Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. and, in time complete her Part 3 qualification with the RIAI.  

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Having spent many years working within the construction industry, Kevin returned to University in 2015 to pursue a long held interest in studying architecture. Kevin used his time in the CCAE master’s program to explore his interest in the theoretical space ofsocial relationships and the urban environment, exploring the different ways the social relationships of people can affect their urban space. Having worked as a carpenter/joiner for a number of years prior Kevin is also keenly interested in methods of building assembly, materiality and detailing. Exploring ideas of traditional craft as well as contemporary technological innovations such as 3D printing, virtual environments and computer assisted design and manufacturing is an ongoing interest

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Domhnall is a graduate of both CCAE's Undergraduate and Masters programmes where his work was grounded in historic, sociological and cultural interests. He is particularly fascinated by sites and programmes which permit and encourage the blending of these spheres of influence and provide both an opportunity to learn from and to leave a mark on these areas of the urban realm. Following the completion of both degrees, Domhnall has worked with MRG Consulting Engineers in Tralee.  There, he has had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of programme types, including both one-off and large-scale housing, educational, industrial and clinical spaces. His current goal is to expand upon his design abilities by developing more hands-on design skills in non-architectural fields. Domhnall intends to advance in the role of Architectural Graduate and qualify with Part III membership in the RIAI in the near future.

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David has completed both Part I & II architectural qualifications at CCAE, culminating in the development of a 12-month thesis. Through a hypothetical thesis projected onto the site, the thesis attempts to analyse the historical artefacts of Lisbon through the lens of loss. David has augmented these distinct and personal reflections on architecture and urban environments through practice experience with Butler Cammoranesi architects.

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Aine completed her B.Arch degree from CCAE in 2017, and has since gained valuable experience in Dublin and New York City, working on both large scale commercial projects and small residential & interior schemes. This M.Arch year, Aine expanded her design interests around the notion of narrative and its position within architecture, based on an intimate reading of Lisbon, intersecting both ethnographic and material culture studies. These methodologies expanded throughout the year, becoming at points experimental, as the thesis research led to embracing the serendipities in the curious, the bizarre, and the mistranslated, in both theory and design. Aine has developed a range of new & immersive technological skills throughout the year, and is keen to expand on the future possibilities as a multi-disciplinary designer.

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